about us

Luna2 brand & ethos

named after the first spacecraft to land on the moon in the late 50’s, Luna2 raises the benchmark in hospitality for its visionary design, superstar services and stellar standards of wining & dining, lounging & sleeping.

founder & designer Melanie Hall’s Luna2 ethos “respects the past, welcomes the future and likes to have fun in the process! with this in mind, Luna2 blends nostalgia (great modernism works of the past, some 60’s pop etc), with futurism (innovation, gadgets, high-tech stuff) and touches of fun…life is not to be taken too seriously after all!

this ethos continues to be infused throughout every aspect of Luna2 as a company, from architectural design to interior design, from Lunafood to music, right through to the superstar service offered. hence, the Luna2 team is encouraged to have a sound understanding of great tradition, keep abreast of global innovation, and retain a sense of humour in the process.

founder & designer

Melanie Hall, founder & designer

Melanie has a rich international background, growing up in the British Virgin Islands, Nigeria and St Lucia in the Caribbean, during which time she boarded at Millfield School in the UK.

press & awards

the media loves Luna2! see below for a sample of our press accolades from around the world.

Luna2 club

Luna2 club, the only private members club to propel jet-setting Lunatics into cosmic spaces… to live the Luna2 life!